Cold Shower Therapy for a month or so

I’ve decided. To stop being a puss and improve a little bit every day. This time my attention shifted to the benefits of Cold Showers.

Lots of people tout such great benefits for such a ‘small’ feat.

I’m always looking for ways to improve and optimize my life. So I’ve been slowly dipping the proverbial toes in the cold as f*$& water at the end of every shower.

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The best path to awesome

Every 6 months to a year, I find myself in a rut…

I feel like I’m stagnating, and get antsy, wondering where the hell am I doing with my time here; some of these times I don’t do anything about it.

Well, except maybe open a bottle of wine. Or push whatever urge to the land of ‘later’, or ‘tomorrow’. Which is code for NEVER. Continue reading