Add DuckDuckGo’s *onion* as default Search Engine in TOR Browser

If you use (and you should!) over TOR, you will be pleased to know this search engine provides an .onion address as well – https://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion.

By using the .onion version of this search engine, your ISP (or any man in the middle, for that matter) will no longer have any records that you have visited at all, since all the routing happens over the TOR network, and not over the ‘clear’ Internet. They will, at best, know that you connected to the TOR network, but will have no clue what you are doing on there, what sites you visit, what terms you are searching, none of that. Continue reading

How to Code a Smarter FAQ for Your Site


self sorting list of items based on most popular (visited the most).

Usually applied on the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section of some sites.

Or how Reddit’s homepage articles ‘bubble’ up based on the number of votes or visits from users, getting re-sorted all the time. That’s right, you’re building something similarly cool!

TL;DR – HERE it is, in action 🙂

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