Why? Because you could make a better one. For free. While weird flexing your coding muscles. So win-win-win.

Still don’t believe me? Ok, let’s think about it. What does actually do?

  • it’s essentially a web application where you can paste all sorts of text and they store it and give you a permanent web link to it. People usually share those;
  • it’s also an API, allowing people to make other applications capable of using the site, programmatically; to be able to create ‘pasties’ from their own apps and computer programs

See? Not that big of a deal. But it was a _great_ idea when they first came up with it. Just like dropbox, for example, which is the same thing. For files. Apple had that name for one of their directories first. But Drew Houston made a webapp out of that idea. Also a multi billion dollar company, but I digress..

I mean sure, you could go into the nitty gritty details of it all, like what other features does it have. But we’re not here to sell pro subscriptions to Pastebin. No affiliation. Not selling anything but fun in good faith and some coding practice.

We’re here to learn how to write the code for something that does, at a basic level, the same thing. Minus all the bells and whistles that the official site has. They got an army of coders, and there’s only one of you. Or me. So let’s get going…

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